Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Patrick Wolf Reading 2011

Patrick Wolf was definitely one of my favourite acts at this year's Reading. I have only become a fan recently (yes, yes, I know, I am definitely a Johnny-come-lately to Patrick Wolf and will never be a true fan etc.) but I was desperate to get to see his set. Unfortunately for me, I missed the first half due as I was watching another band on the main stage with my brother who was more than reluctant to go and see "that NME twat" (his words, not mine).

Whilst it's unlikely that his view of the flamboyant Londoner remains the same, I was taken aback at what a great live act Mr. Wolf is. Never before has a video paled so much in comparison with the real thing and I urge anyone who is considering it, to go and see Patrick live. Not only is he an entertaining and engaging performer, but he has got a great band behind him, too. I am even considering picking up the saxophone (as in learning, not physically picking up the instrument) just to master the 'This City' solo!