Sunday, 20 February 2011

Embarrassing crush of the week

Ever since the mid-00s (known now as 'The Seth Cohen years'), it has been acceptable to find geeks attractive (as long as they fit the cool-geek criteria of nice - ideally curly - hair, witty putdowns, bright but not uncool t-shirts, and more often than not, Jewish). Fast forward a few years and you cannot move for the wall-to-wall geeks on the big and small screens. Whilst Adam Brody and his ever-declining career must be cursing the likes of Michael Cera et al, I for one am rejoicing. And yet, it is with some embarrassment that I reveal this week's crush (hence he is perfect for my ongoing feature - embarrassing crush of the week), because this Cera-doppleganger is almost too awkward and neurotic and geeky to be real. However, he is ridiculously sweet and I have just rewatched the Social Network. May I present to you - Jesse Eisenberg! Here he is on SNL with Mark Zuckerberg (a real-life nerd, but without the lovely hair)

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