Thursday, 21 April 2011

Is it just me who couldn't care less about the Royal Wedding? I'm definitely not a royalist so I guess it's no surprise to those who know me, but I am genuinely shocked at the way the country's going Wills and Kate-crazy. Even my friends who have never before shown any interest in the Royals are talking about it. But why? I can honestly say that I am more interested Cheryl, Sienna and even the WAGs than the future king and queen to-be. And this isn't because I am some dumb idiot whose always got my head stuck in Heat magazine. To me, any developed country who has a monachy is - well, not as developed as it thinks it is. How can people actually whole-heartedly support a system where someone can become the head of state purely because of who their parents are?

I've tried to get excited about Kate's dress but how can you feel enthused about the wedding dress of a girl in her twenties who goes around wearing this?

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