Thursday, 12 May 2011

This year I am going to Reading Festival. Any potential street cred I gained from that last sentence will be diminished by the following one. I am going with my seventeen year old brother. Individually, I would say we both fell into the 'uncool'camp at school; not exactly complete losers, but just one bad satorial choice away from 'bullied'. This is the first festival for both of us and we are pretty excited. We chose Reading - despite the poor line-up this year - as a compromise. Whilst he is into hard rock and heavy metal, I am definitely more of a T in the Park kind of girl. Naturally, I said no to Download and he stuck his nose up at Glastonbury. Neither of us have friends going to these so we begrudgingly turned to each other and agreed to go together. Whilst I am pleased that I have someone to go with, my brother is a bit of a liability and I am a massive wimp so I can easily see him getting so drunk he can barely stand up whilst I desperately plead with a group of twenty-something lads not to set our tent on fire.

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