Friday, 28 October 2011

Pulp- Do you remember the first time? (Live at Reading 2011)

It was a toss-up between this and the glorious Common People. In the end I went for Do You Remember the First Time? because it seemed to fit the crowd better. Whilst for the majority of the weekend I felt at times - at the age of 20 - like I had sneaked into the best school holiday ever, during Pulp's set, I was surrounded by people in their thirties. It seemed as though the majority of the crowd had seen the band before and were taking this as an opportunity to relive their teenage years.

What also struck me about the show was the energy on the stage, due mainly to (extraordinarily flexible!) frontman Jarvis Cocker. Rather than stand motionless on the stage like many of his peers (yes, Liam Gallagher, I'm looking at you), Jarvis refuses to grow old gracefully and during parts of the set you would see him writhing around on the amps in his tradmark dandy fashion. Surprisingly, it works. What I liked most about this show was that the band weren't taking this for granted - they were loving every minute of it, and so too did the fans.

My only criticism would be that they weren't headlining the Saturday night (although I know that this wasn't the case in Leeds). I love The Strokes as much as the next person but the incredible energy that Sheffield's finest built up was lost a little during the New Yorkers' set.

Right, I've spoken enough; get watching this masterclass in showmanship. I also recommend watching Common People, purely for the lovely speech Jarvis gives about it beforehand.

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