Thursday, 27 October 2011

Reading 2011

I realised that whilst I haven't blogged for a while, I have actually been up to some blog-worthy stuff recently! Normally my summer is spent lounging on the sofa watching E4 alone at 2 in the afternoon whist slowly sinking into a state of depression, but this year I got my arse into gear (and had some ERASMUS grant left over) and so the self-hating sofa time was kept to a minimum. The highlight for me was definitely Reading festival.

This was the first festival that I'd ever been to (I know, at 20, this is embarrassing, particularly considering I was clearly one of the oldest there). I went with my brother who is a Reading-appropriate 17 years old and if you think that I am sad for doing that, believe me it gets worse, as on the Thursday morning the plan was that I was going to be going with my mother. This was due to my brother's admission the night before that he was going to spend the whole weekend with his friends and I was to be left alone in the tent. Luckily, we managed to sort things out and we turned out to have one of THE best weekends.

I am at the best of times a little uptight - more so when I have to spend the whole weekend looking after my little brother who doesn't know his elbow from his arse and has never cooked himself a piece of toast, never mind a bowl of pasta. So I was a little anxious as to what the weekend held in store. As it happened, it was brilliant. I discovered so many new bands as well as seeing some of my all time favourite acts, the best of which was definitely Pete Doherty (made better by the fact that the only people at his gig were the ones that really wanted to be there - Muse were playing on the main stage at the same time). I'm going to include a few videos (all nabbed off YouTube: I hate videoing gigs) of my favourites now.

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