Thursday, 7 July 2011

For the past few months, I have been friends with a girl who's style is somewhat similar to mine in the sense that we both follow fashion and tend to opt for a kind of Urban Outfitters/Alexa Chung-style vibe (I know, what twenty year old British girl doesn't?). I'll admit, she probably keeps a closer eye on it than me, and could identify a brand at twelve paces. However, recently she's become a little territorial with her style. Another girl in our group, who I'll admit has started to embrace fashion a little more than she used to, is now being accused of being a fashion thief by girl A.

Now I know that fashion is a very personal thing - your clothes form your identity and tell the world something about you. But if you choose to follow the latest trends, do you really have the right to claim loafers or a button-up shirt as your own, even if you might have bought it first?

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