Saturday, 9 July 2011

My song of the week

Patrick Wolf - House

I know that Patrick Wolf has been knocking around for ages but typical me, the minute he starts getting mainstream is when I get interested. However, there is a reason why he is getting more acclaim at the minute - his new album is incredible. This is his fourth album and whilst I've found his previous stuff a little inaccessible and left-field for my tastes, the songs on this album are instantly catchy. The song I'm listening to most is (for the moment) House. It might be because I am about to leave a house, a city and a country that I have absolutely loved but I am finding it particularly poignant and heart-wrenching. If anyone is in the same position as me I recommend listening to This City after - it's so upbeat and feel-good that there is no chance of you wanting to curl under your duvet and cry about the past after listening to it (which is obviously something that I never do - ahem).

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